DO OVERs – To Do or Not To Do …

Watch the Video First


I did. Huge ones. It’s the human condition to ponder on them. Five years ago, I felt trapped by the choices I made and the circumstances I was surrounded in. Regret left me feeling wistful, filled with yearning for change and an uncontrollable drive to wipe my slate clean and get out of Dodge!


I looked at that front door thinking if you just stay open a little longer I promise to run out that door and never bother you again.


And I did. I pulled it off. I did a Do Over for well, three months full time, but three years on and off. To everyone’s disapproval, I left my family and did something I had never done before. I raised money to build a house for a woman in Belize, and played, really played for the first time in a very long time. Was it everlasting. Hmm. Not on the outside. But it was a Do Over. Why? Because picking up and leaving was something completely out of my comfort zone. Change parachuted me into a new environment that I had never had the audacity to think about, and stimulated all my senses. My soul that I had long forgotten about awakened.
Corny Right?

Going back to who I was is what a Do Over is for. CONSCIOUS LIVING!


The passionate, fiery couldn’t care less what people think of my choices or lifestyle, me. I didn’t pick up and sell off everything or move to a tiny house, but I remembered how much fun it was to decorate, to talk to people, have money sit in the bank just sit there, and found my creativity again. I started dear woo woo girl and a new book and I did what speaks to me. I learned not to get overwhelmed by circumstances, say no to job opportunities, avoid drama, and, I remembered how to look for interesting rather than necessary opportunties.

There are so many ways to do it all over again. 

You could take the one thing that creates the most soul sucking stress in your life and start there. It could be the house with the large mortgage that ties you down or go rogue – chuck it all!  Wouldn’t that would be exciting! I love that!

Is it the smartest thing to do? Who’s to say? That’s the whole point. Your Do Over is not the same as mine. It’s a chance to bring you back to a state of conscious living, and how you were meant to live and express yourself in this world.

As Mary Poppins belted out…”start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start…

Sometimes it takes crappy conditions and being stuck in an emotional wasteland to make you realize that you’re off course – waay of course. Do something about it!

I wouldn’t call it reinventing yourself. No-one truly reinvents them self. We are who we are. The same but slightly different. Realignment is more like it. If your back goes out, and walking aka living deeply is problematic, then your body screams for an adjustment. So does your soul. Fix it. Pay attention to it’s complaints. Be ready for that gush of happiness!
But is it the right time to chuck  –  your significant other; career; house with the large mortgage; the stress; the kids; the parents; city life; the commute; your food; boredom – to carve out a life that says THIS is me? Is it time for THAT Do Over?

Only you get to decide if it’s time.
It’s only you who will have to pay the consequences and there will be some, because let’s not walk away starry eyed. Rebuilding a life takes time, money, bravery, work, tears, excitement, loss of friends, regrets like maybe I should have done it sooner. There are many Do Overs out there where the house was sold, relationships trashed, the farm bought, then, the crops burnt down.

It depends on the takeaway. Scary steps, right?

Your chances of a mind blowing, better than an orgasm, exhilarating change is higher if you aren’t running away. I kind of ran away, but it was with purpose. I needed to see if I could organize a house build on my own. Other factors drove me, but the big one was I desperately needed to challenge myself; to see who I was if I wasn’t a caretaker. Each step is a decision made from the heart; a deliberate move driven not about money, anger over relationships, or a crappy career. That way you can release an old paradigm of how you should live and be. To embrace a life of awesomeness, rather than
“God, please break my alarm clock .”