About Me

Welcome to the Dear Woo Woo Girl .
Who am I?
Well I am a successful SpeakerĀ  and Author of 3 books.

I am a passionate traveler and a passionate giver. I’m also a survivor of serious life drama, which was what my last book The Woo Woo Girl was all about. Me looking for myself in all the wrong places.

It was during a series of book talks that the idea for Dear Woo Woo Girl blossomed. Instead of asking about the book per se, readersĀ  wanted to know how I survived; how could I stay so strong; what advice I had for them? Dear Woo Woo Girl was born.

So, what can you expect? Well with empathy, serious research, expert guest bloggers, my own personal opinion, a whole lot of humor, and spirituality, I can offer you answers, practical solutions, and a different way of seeing your situation and your world.
Ask any question, big small, embarrassing, practical, emotional, disgusting. No holds bar, no judgement!