What the heck is Woo Woo?

Woo Woo? What the heck is it and how does it relate to an Advice Column?

Woo Woo : … dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific
That’s how it’s explained. Energy healing, ghost sightings, mediums, channelers, meditation, crystals, reiki, essential oils, sound therapy, qigong…all that touchy feely Joe Dispenza, pseudo mystical stuff that is felt and not proven.

Do we really have to get into the wacky stuff? Can’t you just give me some advice?

We can debate heatedly, wildly, lively about whether “woo woo” is true or not…whether the feelings, physical reactions, and spontaneous healing can be explained through science- through the measurement of spirituality, but in the end, does it really matter?


Here’s the thing.

IF it feels right without being delusional, IF you can see the beauty in it, IF you believe you are happier after visiting a shaman in the middle of the rain forest, then isn’t that awesome? It’s really about the wonder and awe of what can’t be explained. The power of belief and the magic in the unknown. I learned that many times. Trecking to Machu Picchu, a Shaman used the energy from the mountain to give me a much needed message about how I needed love and only love. Everything else would solve itself the mountain told him and happiness was right around the corner. Other hikers received very different messages. We compared notes and the Shaman was right on all counts. We all walked away euphoric. Despite being exhausted, I headed home feeling safe and almost happy.

The worst that can happen is you come out of it wanting to hug a tree, with a deeper meaning of nature, its energy, and incomprehensible force.

I have had crazy experiences…from the subtle to the OMG what the fck just happened with woo woo stuff. A Shaman in Belize took away a deep fear through the simple act of touch, a healer in Mexico sent an electric shock through my body, and various meditations sent me on some wild out of body experiences. While sitting in the bottom of the ocean called life, spirituality, mysticism, woo woo stuff got me through some very tough patches, without lithium, a joint, or cutting my wrists…..check out The Woo Woo Girl book to read all about it. Sometimes I was helped in really practical ways, and others that were waay out there. Trust me. These experiences shouldn’t be discounted or feared. (Check out The Woo Woo Girl Online Experience- for ways to build your RESILIENCE!)

I think part of the problem is, we seek out spirituality when we are at our most vulnerable. She’s falling apart AND NOW she’s seeing an energy healer in a lagoon in Mexico.

I just want to say, it’s sooo much more FUN than talking to a therapist, or popping a pill or nursing a hangover. And it brings you back to yourself and all your dirty karmic underwear that you forgot to wash over the years. Which is where advice without woo woo solutions would be simply talk therapy, written down. You miss the part about fixing your soul.

Okay. Okay. How would you use it?

Well, let’s say you just lost your job, and you have no income coming in. I would offer practical solutions – take a student in, rent out your basement, teach something you are good at, or read this blog on money management. It might solve the practical issue of being broke, but won’t take away your fear of being on the street. Ahh…but meditation, visualization, qi gong and energy healing will. One calms, one gives hope, one removes blocks, and one builds energy.
While you are getting past a life hurtle you learn to shift perspective, and stay present. Simple! Think of it as an add on, a daily ritual that can elevate your life without having to travel to the jungle for answers unless you really want to. There are so many modalities to choose from. They are not all suited for you, and I wouldn’t suggest them all to you as they all have their own unique power. But you will be introduced to them.

So sit back and enjoy the OM!
Dear Woo Woo Girl…