Top Ten Secrets We keep…what are they?

SECRETS. We all have them. Sometimes they are little white lies, and sometimes they are fat, damaging ones.

The Top Ten Secrets We Keep?
1. Extra-marital relationships or the hidden affair.
2. Sexual fantasies.
3. Lies: Telling a lie is hiding a secret.
4. Romantic Desire: A crush which you are afraid to express.
5. Violation of trust: You checked text messages. You betrayed someone’s secret.
6. Theft: Took something that was not yours.
7. Emotional Infidelity: Similar to number 4
8. Ambition or goal-could be career, fitness, relational-you are keeping a part of you to yourself.
9. Family detail- Similar to number 8. There is a serious lack of trust going on.
10. Financial Secret: Any details about money!

Why, oh why do we do this?
For a number of reasons.
Shame. Fear. Judgement. Power. Inflexibility. Punishment. Anger. Weak. Avoidance of conflict. Self Empowerment. Distrust. Embarrassment.
All Themes to explore for our next Friday Secrets blog!
xoxo dear woo woo girl