Energy Healer is shocking…literally

The secret life of a spiritualist is a little bit like a dirty secret. It’s my secret and a journey not always understood by friends. If I had suddenly converted to Catholicism, or Christianity it might seem weird, but ok, they would run with it. The “woo woo” mysticism stuff though is hard to swallow. Way too out there. It’s so ironic though, because isn’t the big “G” the ultimate in mysticism. Essential oils for health benefits, my girlfriends get. Chanting during meditation, ok. A hands on  energy healer. Not so much.

Two years ago, I was on a girl trip and totally bored with the resort. I had pre-booked a healing session with a Mayan Shaman and  energy healer, 2 hours away. I was going solo because my friends thought an ice cold beer was cheaper than a Shaman, and if you drank enough of them, who needs one anyway?

So off I went to the most beautiful lagoon I had ever seen. The silence was overwhelming. The water a blue black and completely still. I could feel spirit there. It was impossible not to.

He was very serious, my Shaman. Dressed in native Mayan costume, he didn’t say much, and grunted towards the mat for me to lie down. I was looking for an energy healing – the kind of healing that would give my life a do-over. After two bouts of cancer, the loss of sight in one eye, a death and an addiction, I was done with this life. I was secretly hoping he had a magic wand.

His modality was energy healing through massage. I figured if I didn’t walk away healed I would have that rubbery relaxed, whole body melt after a rub down. His hands were thick and short and lacked the finesse of a trained masseuse but the rub was powerful. It felt like a deep awakening of the muscles rather than a soothing experience.

He massaged my ENTIRE body, chanting nonstop clearly in a zone of his own. He started at the top of my head and worked his way down. Head. Face. Shoulders. Breast. Arms. Fingers, Stomach. Thighs. Outside. Then inside. It was a slow process that felt good.  A solid, physical pat down – nothing special, that is until he moved inside my thighs. What came next blew me away.

He ran his hands up and down the inside of my thighs, chanting with drips of sweat falling on me. Mother of God! An electric shock ran through my entire body. From head to toe, I had been zapped with a current of electricity that sent life-it’s the only way I can describe it through all of my being. If I wasn’t so inhibited I would have had the biggest, longest, earth shattering happy ending of my life. I almost screamed out. Yes! Yes! Yes!

If I wasn’t so inhibited I would have had the biggest, longest, earth shattering happy ending of my life. I almost screamed out. Yes! Yes! Yes!

The HEALER moved on without so much as a blink, chanting and massaging my knee caps, ankles, and feet. I could barely stand when it was over. My body had turned to Jello and for the first time in three years I felt…hmm calm and alive. Without it sounding sexual it’s hard to explain. There was no sexual intent in the slightest, but a bolt of energy rocked my world.

All the SHAMAN said before he left was that I would feel better. Soon.
Okay! I wasn’t sure what to say. It was like the end of an awkward date. I thanked him and left it at that. Then I waited.

There was nothing much to speak of on day one or two. I lay on the beach feeling blissful, but attributed it to the sun, the sand and water. Day three was more of the same with a pinch of joy. It was day four when I noticed the oddest thing. I felt like my old happy go lucky self! I was bubbly, and fun and light. My HEALER had found the reset button! I counted the number of days I felt, well happy. Sixty Four precious, glorious days! Then it faded away, like dust carried into the wind. Not quite as happy, but an inner peace settled in and told me I was going to be just fine.

I told my girlfriends about the experience. They howled, joking they should have gone along too, cause they could have used a happy ending too. But they missed the energy healing part. The feeling better part. I had been to enough energy healers and other types of healers throughout Central America to know that I experienced something real, but something that couldn’t be quantified. They just didn’t get it.

But that’s what living a spiritual life looks like. It’s not just the daily discipline of yoga practice, or meditation, but allowing space for the unexplained miracles that appear if you allow for it. The leap of faith that embraced the idea that something really cool just took place. It’s only then that the discipline of meditation or energy  healing work, or any other “woo woo” modality can embraced.

But it doesn’t end there, I’m on to my next experience. A Balinese healing modality called Shiva Murti where I am giving a healing rather than experiencing it. I wonder which one is more fun!